8 Health Reminders on the 23rd ‘Healthy Weight Week’


Healthy Weight Week (Jan 18- 24) is observed every year to focus on leading a healthy life by eating nutritious foods, leading an active life and feeling good about yourself.

On the occasion of ‘Healthy Weight Week’ let’s explore these new health facts quickly.

The Quality Of Food Vs The Quantity of Fats in the Food – here’s what really matters! Good health doesn’t talk in terms of numbers. We should try not to live life out of diet charts and weighing scales. What we need to bear in mind is to eat quality food.

The War of the Fats

We tend to reduce fats in our diet in order to maintain good heart health. An obsession for fat-free diets may not be good after all. Fat-free diets result in people turning away from healthy fats for fear of consuming too much of fat every day. They may choose low fat empty calories instead of high fat nutritious foods. For instance, consuming crackers and low fat potato chips are worse than having a little whole milk or fist full of nuts.

WebMD points out that the “current dietary guidelines hold that only up to 35 percent of daily calories should come from fat.” The Mediterranean diet is a good example of this.

Plant Based Diets

A diet which is rich in plant foods can ensure lower cholesterol levels and better heart health. Health experts maintain that consuming a little fat from a natural thing like nuts is far less harmless than loading on low fat bagels. Our diet should contain healthy fats while eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

The Healthy Weight Issue

What is my healthy weight? If you believe the Weight Chart blindly then you must know this. Your healthy weight is linked to your genes. Your body should weigh what you closer family does.

If you can eat for health and not pleasure, get the recommended physical activity and feel comfortable and good about yourself then probably you are at the right figures.

How to manage a healthy weight?

1. Quit eating for pleasure. Food has an amazing way of making us happy. Hence the temptation to eat what you shouldn’t. Load your plate with sensible choices and healthy snacks.
2. Get moving. A good activity should make you feel good while doing it and afterwards. Include climbing steps as a part of your daily routine along with some daily exercise.
3. Drink enough water. Luke warm water works great.
4. Sleep tight. A good night’s sleep ensures optimum digestion, more alertness and less fatigue.
5. Try deep breathing. Learn to do deep breathing exercises.
6. Manage stress effectively to clear off toxins.
7. Connect back! Connecting with old friends, family and loved ones ensures positivity in life. Go social and participate in social events for a perk.
8. Get some time for yourself. Be it the week end or the month end, get quality time to pamper yourself and to make yourself feel good.

Aiming for what you are not can invite a set of health problems. Eat healthy, get restful sleep, manage stress and get good physical activity to help you stay disease-free.

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