How to Treat Your IBS without OTC drugs!


Do you suffer from IBS? Do recurrent gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea, cramps, constipation, nausea, bloating etc. bother you?

Try these ideas to treat your IBS safely without medications:

  • Eat at strict regular intervals.
  • Get probiotics. Checks diarrhea and bloating.
  • Eat high fiber foods and warm fluids for constipation.
  • Enjoy ginger tea! Fights digestive trouble, gas and nausea. Fresh ginger can be grated into boiling tea for a soothing drink.
  • Keeping a lemon with you can be handy. Sniffing it helps to fight off nausea. Cardamom and peppermint are two other aromatic herbs that helps curb nausea.
  • Reduce gassy foods.
  • Check for food allergies. Your colon may be a sensitive one.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep aggravates digestive problems.
  • Practice Yoga. Certain poses like Parighasana and Ardha Matsendrasana are some of the Yogasanas which help soothe IBS.
  • Try pranayama. Anulom vilom pranayama helps to de-stress the body and calm the system. Ujjayi pranayama helps sooth the digestive system.

Remember, IBS is often a problem in your head, your brain. When stress overrides your nervous system, the nervous system communicates that to your gut and you end with all those nasty symptoms.

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